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SouthWest Volleyball Club

Junior Olympic Excellence- 21 years
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South West Volleyball Club is entering into its 22nd year and exists for the benefit of those to achieve excellence in the sport of volleyball, and promote interest in the local community. Any player from any school is welcome at SWVC. We believe our program teaches individuals to excel, promote competitiveness, family unity, and develop leadership skills that transcend athletics into every aspect of a member's life. SWVC is a non profit tax exempt organization under IRS codes.

SWVC is structured for Girls teams, ranging from 10U to 18 regional, American and Elite depending upon the availability of coaches, players, and facilities. SWVC structures its programs to be in full compliance with all state rules and regulations as understood. The structure for 2017 may be viewed at teams structures tab.

SWVC is a registered member of the Ohio Valley region - and USA Volleyball -; JVA, and AAU volleyball. SWVC offers predominantly American and Elite teams to keep costs inline and limit travel, although all SWVC teams do attend at least one National qualifiers(the same as national teams) and many larger challenge tournaments. Other services offered by Southwest:

- college exposure, cost effectively

- training with a high caliber coaching staff

- non profit organization with fund raising opportunities

- assistance with player profiles and scholarship opportunities

- free preseason speciality training

- excellent reputation -well organized

- family atmosphere - fun as we learn!

Southwest Junior Olympics

College coaches: Eligible SWVC players are detailed at :   

 Current College Recruits and Alumni

Congrats to our Seniors' college commitments: College Recruits - Alumni


TEAMS' 2015 results:   Congrats on another super year ! 

18 Elite regional:  Earned National Bid to New Orleans; #1 in state; 6 gold wins, Pres Cup Champion,Gold 9th Indy Qualifier, OVR Championship Gold champ !


17 Elite American Shouse: #16 in state; 5 Gold finishes; 1 Gold Win;


17 Elite American Kearns: 39th in state; two Gold finishes


16 Elite American Harker : First in state; 2nd at Presidents Cup;  Power league Champion, earned National Bid to Minneapolis, four gold wins


16 Elite American Oblock:  10th in state


15 Elite American McQuade: 2nd in the state; two Gold wins; 7 Gold finishes; third NC Power league; OVR Championship - Gold Runner up


15 Elite American Hall : 15th in state; five Gold finishes; 5th NC Power league


14 Elite American Paulozzi : 6th in  the state; two gold wins; two gold runner ups;9 Gold finishes; 5th OVR Gold championship


14 Regional - Annes : 4th in the state; 3 Gold wins; 9 Gold finishes; Silver Champs OVR championships


13  Elite American : 7th in the state with 7 Gold finishes;


13  Regional: 16th in the state; one gold win with 6 gold finishes


12's : 6th in the state; one Gold win with 7 Gold finishes


11's : 10th in the state; one Gold win; 8 gold finishes; Bronze Champ OVR Championships


18 Elite Gonzalez

17 Elite Harker

17 Elite Oblock

16 Elite Shouse

16 Elite Kearns

15 Elite Hall

15 Elite McQuade

14 Elite Paulozzi

14 R Annes

13 Elite Payne

13R Ashley Harker

12 Elite Wasuk

11 Elite Rozman