Southwest’s 2020 Coaching Staff  

11 Elite:  Alex Wiemken is in her first year with SWVC and is very eager to begin her coaching career.  She is a recent graduate of the University of Cincinnati and is a math teacher at Garfield Heights Middle School. Alex started her volleyball career at Center Middle School in Strongsville where she set numerous serving records. She also played JO volleyball at SWVC under coach TR Harker for 4 years which included several tournament championships and top JO rankings. Alex played volleyball at Strongsville High School and was a three year varsity starter playing back row for the Mustangs, including a regional finalist her junior year. Alex was also all district in softball her senior year. Since then she has helped coach numerous volleyball camps and clinics for Strongsville High School.



12 Elite:  Amy Rubino has coached for SWVC for 13 years; Played four years for SJA & 7 years for SWVC. SJA’s current JV coach; SWVC’s 16’s in 2007, finished 5th place out of 189 teams; 2008 she finished 4th out of 252 teams;  Amy’s 14A team was ranked 1st in 2009; 14 American team finished 3rd in the state in 2010; in 2011 her 14A team finished 10th in the state; her 15A team finished fourth in the OVR in 2012; her 15’s were ranked 13th in 2014;  coached 11’s and 17’s in 2016; in 2017, her team finished 3rd in the state with a 3rd place finish in the NC Power league, 6 gold finishes and one gold win; in 2018, her 15's finished ranked #1 in the state, 4 Gold wins including the NCPL,  9th at Indy out of 128 teams, and winning the Gold at the OVR championships;  she is CAP1 and impact certified. for 2019 her 16’s  finished ranked #1 in the state,  2nd at NCPL, 9th at the Indy qualifier, and were 5th at OVR championships; she is CAP1 and impact certified. 

13 Elite:  Jennifer Hickey, in her 1st year with SWVC,  Jennifer lives in North Olmsted.  She played for Mercer Island High school outside of Seattle, Washington where she grew up.  She was a three year vasity player going to the state semi finals 2 of those 3 years. When not playing indoors she spent her spare time playing volleyball on the beaches of the Puget Sound.  Jen played volleyball at Franciscan University and upon graduation, coached the Franciscan team for two seasons.  She has coached CYO for 15 years at all different grade levels and also coached 16's at AVC. Six of Jen's eight children are volleyball players and she enjoys sharing her love of the sport

13 Elite: Kelsey Mason is in her 4th year with SWVC, a recent grad from Dayton, is math teacher at Olmsted falls.  Kelsey played high school volleyball at North Royalton, JO for Southwest (15-17’s); played club volleyball in college; and is the 7th grade coach for Olmsted falls (15-2 record last year); she coached our developmental 11’s team in 2017 and finished with three Gold finishes, in 2018 the team finished 14th in the state, and finished the season 3rd at OVR championship.  in 2019 her team recorded 64 wins, with only 4 losses for the entire season, they were 1st in the state, won 7 events, including Dayton president’s cup, and won the Gold at the OVR championships.

14 National: Joe Gonzalez  is in his 7th year coaching for SWVC, comes with tons of experience, 30 years playing experience (Indoor & Outdoor); 3 years USAV; 7 years J.O. Experience with Advance; 7 years Advance Skills clinic Trainer; Former J.V. Coach Elyria catholic; current Varsity Assistant Lutheran West; Impact, CAP1; avid adult volleyball player; Joe’s 17’s were ranked tenth in 2014, and in 2015 his 18's earned a bid to Nationals in New Orleans, were ranked 1st in the state, 6 Gold wins, President Cup champions, and OVR championship Gold winner. In 2016, his 16’s had 9 gold finishes, one Gold win, 6 Gold runner-ups and ranked 5th in the state; in 2017, His 17’s won the Pres Cup, 5th place finish at Indy national qualifier; finished ranked #1 in the state; in 2018, his 18N team finished 6th in the state, one gold win, 3 gold runner ups, made gold in all events, Gold runner up champ at Indy Qualifier, earned a bid to nationals playing in Anaheim; in 2019 his team finished ranked 12th in the state, 3 rd in President’s Cup, 9th at both Bluegrass and Indy, 2 nd at Chicago qualifier, and finished up 5th in the gold at OVR championship.

14 Elite: Matt Darnell  in his 1st year with SWVC,  began his coaching career in 1999 at St. Mary of the Falls. His well-rounded volleyball coaching experience includes coaching 12's and 13's at Advance Volleyball Club, 13's and 14's American at Spirit, Rocky River High School freshman team coach, 14's and 15's American at CVC and North Ridgeville High School freshman team coach. Presently, he is the JV coach at North Ridgeville High School.


15 National: Ally Lewandowski Reiter  is in her 4th year with SWVC, graduate from University of Mount Union and is currently a school teacher. Ally has played volleyball for over 12 years, playing in high school at Amherst Steele High School - three varsity player, libero starting position as a senior and at UMU on their club/intramural teams. Currently, she is on Avon coaching staff; and coached at Amherst Junior High in 2016. Her 12’s did very well in 2017 finishing 11th in the state with five Gold finishes, in 2018 her team was 3rd in the state, with 2 gold wins, and 2 Gold runner ups, 3rd at the Cleveland rock event and they were gold runner ups in the NCPL national division, and made the Gold every event, finished the season 3rd in the OVR championships; in 2019, her team finished 3 rd in the state, and were Gold runner ups in the OVR championships.

15 Elite: Lannan Dick  is in her 3rd year with SWVC, a graduate of Kent State University with a B.S. in Applied Engineering and currently works as a quality process engineer. She is from New Philadelphia where she played HS volleyball at state ranked Tuscarawas Central Catholic and New Philadelphia High School, primarily as a setter and outside hitter. After playing eight years of JO for multiple clubs, Lannan coached a 14s team for Tuscarawas Volleyball Club in 2014. Lannan assisted with our 14 elite team in 2018, which finished #1 in the state, 5 Gold wins, including the NCPL and the OVR championships, and 5th at the Indy qualifier; in 2019, her team finished 35th in the state, finishing in the Gold numerous times, and played in many 15’s events.

16 National:  Ashley Harker, in her 6th year with Southwest. She played JO volleyball for 7 years, both at the American and National level; three-year varsity starter at Strongsville High School (DS / Libero). Assistant coach on the Southwest 17 National team (2012) and Assistant coach on the Southwest 16 American team (2014). Is in her 6th year as a certified official in the Ohio Valley Region / USA volleyball. Graduate of Kent State University. Her 13's finished 2015 were 16th in the state with one Gold win and 6 Gold finishes; her 14’s were 28th in 2016 with 6 Gold finishes; in 2017 the team were 3rd at the Rock JVA event, followed by two Gold wins, and 7 Gold finishes, they were 9th at the Indy Qualifier, and a just miss on the National bid, and finished the season ranked 3rd in the state & 3rd at OVR’s . In 2018, her team was #1 in the state, 3 Gold wins including the OVR championship, 9th at both Indy and Chicago qualifiers, 3 gold runner ups, including the power league; in 2019, team finished 12th in the state, 3 rd at Winterfest & Presidents cup, 2 nd at NCPL, 1 st at the Goodyear event, & finished 8th at OVR bid, just missing a national bid by 1, 9th at Chicago qualifier, and finished up 5th in Gold at OVR championships.

16 Elite:  Jordan Kolarik is in her 2nd year with SWVC, and currently the varsity coach at Firelands High School, where she also teaches social studies. Prior to taking over in 2017, she spent one season as the 8th grade coach at South Amherst Middle School and four seasons coaching freshman and junior varsity at Maple Heights High School. This will be Jordan's 7th year coaching J.O. volleyball. She previously coached at AVC. There, Jordan coached levels 14-17 American and assisted with an 18 National team. Her teams were consistently successful; in 2017 her 17 American finished the season ranked 8th in the OVR; in 2019, her 17’s were ranked 28th in the state, normally finishing in the gold, and were Bronze runner up champions at the OVR championships.

17 National:  TR Harker is in his 11th year with Southwest; is currently the Head coach at Strongsville High School and is in his 15th year of coaching JO volleyball. TR is IMPACT, CAP I and ASEP certified and he also works as a certified Official in the Ohio Valley Region of USA Volleyball. He played in high school and then on the Kent State men’s club team as a setter, and as a Libero, and has been playing high level adult volleyball ever since. TR has coached every age in JOs from 12s to 18s and has also coached 5 different teams that have qualified to play in the USA Volleyball National Tournament. The Southwest teams TR has coached have consistently finish in the top 10 overall with several of them finishing #1 in the state, while in turn these teams have won tournaments at just about every venue to include the North Coast Power League; in 2017, his 16’s were ranked first in the state with five Gold wins, including the Pres cup & OVR Championships, 3rd at the Indy qualifier; and a just miss for a National bid; in 2018 his 17 National team finished ranked 6th in the state, Gold runner ups in North coast national power league; 2nd at Cleveland rock event; 3rd at Indy Qualifier, 3rd at OVR championship, won the Rust belt challenge, and earned a bid to nationals winning the Gold at the Chicago Windy qualifier; in 2019 his 18N team finished 9 th in the state, qualifying twice this year for Nationals winning the Gold in both the OVR qualifier, followed by winning the Gold at the Atlanta qualifier, earning bids to nationals in Dallas, where they finished 5 th in the country.

17 Elite:  Debbie Hall, in her 11th year with SWVC; Brooklyn High School Varsity Coach; Maverick Volleyball Coach 2006-2010; Brooklyn High School JV Head Coach & Varsity Assistant Coach (2007-2009); Garfield High School, JV Head Coach & Varsity Assistant Coach (2006); over 25 years’ experience coaching middle school through high school levels. Her 17A team finished 5th in the state in 2011, her 17A team finished 4th in the state in 2012. In 2013, her 18’s finished 7th in the state with two gold wins; in 2015 her 15's were 15th in the state with 5 Gold finishes; In 2016 her 16’s had 4 Gold finishes and were ranked 30th in the state; in 2017, her 17’s team started season with a 3rd place finish at the JVA Rock event, won the NC Power League, 4 Gold wins for the year, and ended up ranked 2nd in the state, in 2018 finished the season 23rd in the state, and were 5th at the Indy Qualifier; in 2019, her team finished 19th in the state, finishing in the gold in most events.

17 Elite:  Stephanie Annes, in her 6th year with SWVC, graduated from Brunswick, where she played volleyball; and from Akron University with my bachelors in Child Development and am currently a preschool teacher. Coached for MCVBC for 2yrs and coached at Buckeye & Medina high school; Her 13’s were ranked 2nd out of 202 regional teams in 2014, with 4 Gold wins, and 3 gold runner-ups, and her 14's finished up 4th in the state with 3 Gold wins and 9 Gold finishes; in 2016 her 15’s finished in the Gold at every event, and 15th in the state; in 2017 her brand new 13’s finished in the Gold 5 times, and ranked 24th; in 2018 her 15's were #2 in the state, 5 Gold wins including the Cleveland rock event, 9th in Indy out of 128 teams, and Gold runner ups at the NC power league, 3rd place Gold at OVR championships; in 2019 her 17’s team finished 1 st in the state, 3 rd at President’s cup, won the North Coast power league, earning a spot at the OVR bids, and were 9 th at the Indy qualifier.

18  Elite Regional:  Kristen Smith  Kristen played high school volleyball all 4 years at Strongsville High School. Throughout her high school years she was fortunate enough to play JO volleyball at Southwest and AVC both at the American and National levels. She then continued on to play 4 years at Slippery Rock University where she played as a Right Side. She graduated from Slippery Rock in May of 2016. After college she wanted to stick with the game of volleyball and became a certified official in the Ohio Valley Region / USA Volleyball. She is going into her 3rd year as an official and earned her Provisional ranking at the end of last season. This past JO season she was the Assistant Coach for Ashley Harker's 16 Elite Team. They had an incredible season including 3 Gold wins including the OVR championship, 9th at both Indy and Chicago qualifiers, 3 gold runner ups, including the power league, to finish off the season #1 in the State. In 2019 her team finished 24th in the state, finishing in the gold most of the time. 

18  National:  Paul Kearns is in his 9th year with SWVC; was Magnificat’s varsity assistant coach, freshman coach for 7 years, moved over to be assistant varsity coach at Avon HS. His 18R team in 2012 finished #1 in the state; winning 3 Gold’s; in ‘13 his 17 elite team finished ranked 4th in state. In 2014, his 18’s finished ranked 2nd in the state out of 83 teams, Gold runner up at the Indy qualifier out of 80 teams, President Cup champion and earned a bid to play in the National championship in Minnesota; in 2017, his 14’s finished ranked 5th in the state, 6 gold finishes and one gold win, 5th place at Indy & 3rd at Regionals; in 2018, ranked 2nd in the state, 4 gold wins, 5 gold runner ups, including the OVR championship; in 2019, his 15N team, finished ranked 22nd in the state, 5 th at the NCPL, and 9 th at the Chicago qualifier.

Loren Paulozzi, who is SWVC’s director, 20+ years JO coaching experience; OVR 18R #1 ranked team 2005, 2006; 17’s #1 in 2007, 2008, 2009; first place 18R OVR champions in 2005; 16 American team won OVR championship in 2010, ranked 2nd in state; 16N in 2011 – 9th in state, Gold runner-up champs NEQ qualifier; 2012’s 15N team finished 5th at NEQ National qualifier;  In 2014,  his 17's won the OVR Gold championship, gold runner up at the Indy qualifier out of 100 teams, President cup champion, 5 gold wins, and finished ranked 2nd in the state; in 2015, his 14's were 6th in the state with 2 Gold wins, 2 Gold runner ups, and 9 Gold finishes. In 2018,  his team finished #1 in the state, 5 Gold wins, including the NCPL and the OVR championships, and 5th at the Indy qualifier . For 2019, his 11's were ranked 3rd in state and were OVR championship Gold runnerups.  Impact, ASEP and CAP1 certified.