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Southwest VBC's team structure &  tentative  schedule for 2020:


Southwest will continue to sponsor – ELITE teams, which are an American registered team playing very competitive – compared to national, but less costly and less travel.  We will also run a national team at 14-18 National team to continue to challenge our teams, and keep our top teams from playing head to head every weekend.  


For 2020, I am proposing we continue with the Elite philosophy. They will register in the American division, but will play national level at select National qualifiers, JVA Cleveland Rock event, also participate in the OVR play-in national bid event, and hopefully the OVR national bid event in April. They will also play in the Presidents day in Columbus, American OVR Championships, and other OVR two day challenges, playing up in age when possible. They will not attend any smaller events, but we will continue to keep the teams as close to home as we can. The proposed schedule should be just as robust as a tough national schedule, and should hopefully receive as much college coach exposure.


At most age levels, SWVC will run one Elite  American team and one National,  Our intentions are to offer a very competitive schedule, reasonable costs, and as close to home as possible.


We are attempting to offer 3 scheduled practices per week, 1.5-2.0 hours each in the preseason, once tournaments start, we may reduce to two per week.


If any team earns a National bid, the cost to attend(entry fee, coaches’ travel, etc.)will be absorbed by the club!

As we enter into our 25th year of JO, we must continue to evolve to offer the "best" service to our families!

Specific structure – tentative schedules:

10/11year old U team –  (contingent upon demand)local team 6 plus local tournaments; will attend OVR Championship; 1-2 practices  per week Jan/Feb – May  (to be determined by tryout interest) 


12 Elite team - 9-10 tournaments including Friendship – Parma; JVA Rock event ; Columbus Presidents day event;  local 2 day challenges; larger 4 court events; playing up in age level when practical,  OVR championships.


13’s Elite(American):  9-10 tournaments including  Friendship – Parma;  JVA Rock event; Columbus Presidents day event;  local 2 day challenges; Columbus; OVR championships.


14's Elite(American):  9-10 tournaments including  Friendship – Parma;  ;  JVA Rock event; Columbus Presidents day event;  local 2 day challenges; Columbus; OVR championships.  North Coast Power league; and  USAV national qualifier in Indy!


15’s-17's Elite    9-11 tournaments (15-20 play dates) including  Friendship – Parma; JVA Cleveland Rock event, Competitive NC Power League ; Columbus Presidents day event;  multiple local 2 day challenges; one out of state national qualifiers;  other JVA events;  OVR Bid Play-In Tournament- Columbus; April National bid 2 day event if we qualify; OVR championships.  Note: teams may play in National division at qualifiers contingent upon team composition; any team/player qualifying for USAV Nationals will participate!   Our 15R Elite team, it will also run a robust schedule as American. 


15N Lite:  January: Friendship  at  Ohio Nets; JVA Cleveland Rock 2 day event; February : Pres Cup-Columbus- playing national ; Winterfest-Columbus – playing national – only national teams may attend; March:  Indy Qualifier – play USA or American depending upon bid potential; April: OVR Natl Bid event in Columbus; May: OVR national  championships;  June: Nationals – TBD  Not yet scheduled yet: Multiple national challenge events in Ohio  & North Coast Power league(two weekends) – playing national


14-18 National: January: Friendship, JVA Cleveland Rock; February : Winterfest-Columbus, Pres Cup-Columbus,  March: OVR Natl Bid event, Indy Qualifier  April: Chicago or Philly Qualifier; Possibly nationals.  May: OVR championships  June: NONE – 18’s nationals held in April.  Also misc. National challenge events in Ohio & NCPL – dates TBD.  

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